Jesuit Relations lesson: Jesuit Relations DBQAccompanying PowerPoint

Old Fort Niagara Point of View Lesson: Assessment 1 :Assessment 2 :Extensions :Point of View Lesson Plan :Readers Theater :Reflection :Wampum project 1

Cause and Effect Trade lesson:Lesson Plan Crossroads of Empire Beaver Pelt Sources:Map of Niagara Map of Niagara Region : OFN power point;Crossroads of Empire   Niagara Lesson

Geography and Economy of the Niagara region: Geography/Economy lesson

War of 1812 Perspectives on the quest for Empire in North America: Lesson Plan

Imperialism in the Niagara region: Imperialism lesson :British Imperialism :DBQ :French Arguments : Hauenosaunee : Imperialism at the Niagara frontier :Journal assignment :Power Point : Power point Final

Perceptions during Colonial and Early American History:Lesson and related documents

 Propaganda as War Tactic: Lesson Plan :Group Assignment :Group rubric :War of 1812 :Political Cartoon :American propaganda :London Times Article :Primary Source Analysis : power point

Examining Perspectives During The War of 1812;Lesson Plan :DBQ documents

 Trade Power Point Lesson:Trade Power point and lesson

Trade at the Crossroads Lesson:trade at the Crossroads Lesson ;Trade at the Crossraods

Flag Lesson:Flag lesson :Flag Power Point

Working Class Heroes, Management disputes in Clonial times:Lesson and presentation

9-12 grade Fort Lesson:Building Forts for Control of Waterway :Waterways Power Point ;Waterways Review sheets

Colonization in North America Lesson:Power Point: Lesson

 Point of View Lesson;British Point of view: French point of view: Iroquois Point of view:Project Maps :Maps and images

Historical Geography of Niagara Lesson:Project Lesson :Lesson Outline :Lesson Images :Launch of The Griffen : Topography Map

 Useful Resources

PBS Mini-Series: The War That Made America

Old Fort Niagara

 War of 1812

Useful local resources:

Old Fort Niagara

Niagara University

Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation

Lower Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce

Devil's Hole State Park (close to NU's campus)

Whirlpool State Park (1.5 mile walk from NU)