Sunday, 3-9 Arrival and Registration Niagara University [NU Apartments] Workshop Facilitator
Sunday Dinner Clet Hall, NU  
7:00-8:00pm Reception St. Vincents Hall Workshop Staff
Monday, 9am Welcome and Orientation

Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127

Workshop Staff: Nancy McGlen, Dean-Arts & Sciences, NU
9:30am Lecture/Q&A: the Haudenosaunee World Dunleavy Hall, NU  Room 127 Visiting Faculty: Keith Jamieson
10:45am Shuttle to Old Fort Niagara[OFN] Gallagher Center, NU  
11:00am  OFN overview tour OFN  OFN staff 
12:30 pm Box lunch  OFN grounds   

ExploreOFN/Document Decisions:French and Iroquios accounts

OFN grounds and library   
3:00pm  Refreshments  Visitor Center OFN   
3:15pm  Archival sources (2 groups 20each) OFN Archives 

Visiting Faculty: Jerome Brubaker 

3:15-5:00pm  Group sessions (alternates with Archival sessions)  Officers Club, OFN  Project Director, Master Teacher 
5:00pm  Shuttle to NU  Visitor Center, OFN   
6:00pm  Dinner  Clet Hall, NU   
8:00pm  Movie: Black Robe  Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127  
Tuesday, 9am Lecture/Q&A: "Doorkeeping":The Seneca at Niagara  Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127  Visiting Faculty: Jon Parmenter 
10:00am  Refreshments  Dunleavy Hall, NU   
10:15am  Document Decisions: Johnson Papers  Dunleavy Hall, NU 206, 207, 208, 210 Project Director, Master Teacher 
11:45am  Group Sessions  Dunleavy Hall, NU  206, 207, 208, 210 Master Teacher, Project Director 
12:15pm  Lunch  Clet Hall, NU   
1:00pm   Shuttle NU   
1:15pm  Native peoples, cultures, and warfare  OFN OFN interpretive staff
3:00pm  Archeology at OFN  OFN field sites  Visiting Faculty: Susan Maguire 
5:00pm  Shuttle Visitor Center, OFN  
6:00pm  Dinner  Clet Hall, NU   
7:00pm   Shuttle to Dining and Sightseeing:Niagara Falls NU Apartments "on your own" 
Wednesday,9am   Lecture/Q&A: 18c Iroquois Culture and Diplomacy Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127 Visiting Faculty: Carl Benn (Week 1); David Preston (Week 2) 
10:30am  Refreshments  Dunleavy Hall NU   
10:45am  Document Decisions: Loyalists, Revolution

Dunleavy Hall, NU 206, 207, 208 ,210

Project Director, Master teacher 
12:00pm  Lunch  Clet Hall, NU   
1:30pm   Lecture/Q&A: Military History of the Revolution and War of 1812  Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127 Visiting Faculty: Douglas DeCroix 
3-5 pm  Break and Rest Period     
 5:30pm Dinner Clet Hall, NU   
7pm  Shuttle  Gallagher Center, NU   
7:30 pm   18 c Games, Garrison Life, Military Material Culture, Lantern Tour, Overnight Stay  OFN  OFN staff 
 Thursday, 8am Camp Breakfast OFN   
9:00am  Military Tactics  OFN  OFN Staff 
11:00am  Shuttle  Visitor Center, OFN   
12:00pm  Lunch  Clet Hall, NU   
1:30pm  Break     
3:30pm  Lecture/Q&A: The Civil War of 1812  Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127   Visiting Faculty: Alan Taylor
4:45-5:45pm  Document Decisions:Group Sessions: War of 1812  Dunleavy  Hall, NU  206, 207, 208, 210  Master Teacher, Project Director 
6:00pm  Dinner  Clet  Hall, NU   
Friday, 9am  Lecture/Q&A: Western Expansion and Settlement Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127 Project Director: Thomas Chambers
10:15am  Document Decisions: Western Expansion and Settlement  Dunleavy Hall, NU 206, 207, 208, 210   Project Director, Master Teacher
11:00am  Group Sessions  Dunleavy Hall , NU 206, 207, 208, 210  Project Director , Master Teacher 
12:30pm Lunch  Clet Hall, NU   
1:30pm   Group Presentations Dunleavy Hall, NU Room 127  
3:30pm  Conclusions  Dunleavy Halll, NU Room 127 Master Teacher, Project Director 
6pm  Dinner  Clet Hall, NU   
Saturday  CHECK-OUT  NU  Workshop Staff